What Do Polarized Lenses Do

What Do Polarized Lenses Do?

In simple terms, polarized lenses protect your eyes from ultraviolet light. But that’s not all; it kills glare and reduces eye strain. But is this the only thing that polarized sunglasses do? No, not at all. Stay with us to know more about what do polarized lenses do.

What Do Polarized Lenses Do?

Those who spend the most of their day outdoors should invest in a pair of polarized sunglasses. People who enjoy outdoor activities spend the majority of their time in the sun. As a result, they must spend the majority of their time in direct sunlight. Polarized lenses, on the other hand, block all of the harmful UV rays as well as the reflective lights, making your vision sharper.

While it can be used by anyone, it is most useful in the field of fishing. Water reflects light, making it difficult to locate fish.
If you are a casual fisherman, you can go without polarized sunglasses, but if you are an angler or fly fisherman who has to move around a lot, you must get a pair.

Fly fisherman first locates the fish and attempts to coax the fish to eat the bait, so polarized glasses will aid in this process.


    • Superior clarity
    • Reduces eye strain
    • Kills glare
    • Improve visual comfort

The best advantage of polarized sunglasses is their visual effect. It sharpens the surroundings, making it easier to see details that were previously difficult to see without polarized glasses.

When you’re on the beach, you’ll notice a lot of reflective light. Because of the open space, sunlight can fall directly on the water and sand without being obstructed; water and sand act as reflective objects. If you go without sunglasses for a few minutes, you will notice that you can’t see properly and your eyes will begin to ache.

You will not be able to see something that is at most 20 yards away. So wearing polarized lenses will block all the reflective lights and will return your vision.


    • Becomes difficult to view LCD
    • Somewhat distorts the natural color
    • Not suitable for driving at night

It distorts the natural color to achieve its visual effect. It cannot function properly in low light because its primary purpose is to eliminate glare or reduce sunlight. When used in a dimly lit area, it dims the light and makes the surroundings appear darker.


Sun Glare

Glare is the discomfort produced by the intensity of light that should be much lower than what our eyes are adapted to. Glare is hazardous for our vision.

What glared does is it scatters light in our vision for that effect; it gets harder to see through sharp images and causes strain to the eyes. So what polarized lenses do is kills that glare from sunlight so we can freely see.

Can I polarize my regular glasses?

Yes, it is possible to polarize your sunglasses. To polarize your sunglasses, you have to apply a special coating to make the regular lenses polarized lens.

The Verdict

If you want to safeguard your eyes from losing vision, you should wear polarized sunglasses more. Before buying polarize sunglasses, you should figure out your eyes size and how you would do it. The simplest way is to measure the size of your prescribed glasses.

So now, if you are thinking of buying polarize sunglasses, we have a detailed article about the best polarized sunglasses for fishing.

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