Best Hang On Tree Stand 2021 Reviews (Top 8 Picks)

People have different needs and tastes. Among them, many hunters prefer to use a tree stand for hunting.

As you seeing this article, we will assume you are one of those hunters who like to wait for the target to appear in sight silently.

After checking different tree stands and analyzing customer’s feedback, we have collected a list top 8 best hang on tree stand that people voted for and one steps ahead of the rest of their competitors.

We at know what kind of tree stand you want. Follow our list you will undoubtedly find a tree stand that would be suitable for you.

Top 8 Best Hang On Tree Stand

  1. Rivers Edge RE556 Hang On Tree Stand
  2. Guide Gear Deluxe Hang-On Tree Stand
  3. Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand
  4. X-Stand Treestands The Patron Hang On Treestand
  5. Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Tree stand
  7. Millennium M100U Ultralite Tree Stand
  8. Rivers Edge Big Foot Lite Foot Hang-On Tree Stand

1. Rivers Edge RE556 Hang On Tree Stand

Rivers Edge RE556 Hang On Tree Stand

Rivers edge takes the first position in our collection of the best hang on tree stand. This hang-on tree stand has a lot of standing space, so we can say that this tree stand is more suitable for a person who likes taking standing shots.

This overall best hang on tree stand has an armrest and flip-up seat that ensures total comfort. This hang on tree stand also comes with an ultra-quiet attachment that cancels the noise of metals.

Not only this, but this hang on tree stand also has backrest and footrest functions. You may even fall asleep in here.

The build of this hang on tree stand is made of steel and has a safety harness that may save your life. Even with such space, the weight is only around 14.5 lb and can carry 300 pounds.

So we have put this first on our list because of its affordable, comfortable. With this price, it would be hard to find another one like this.

2. Guide Gear Deluxe Hang-On Tree Stand

Guide Gear Deluxe Hang-On Tree Stand

Gear deluxe is one of the most weighted hang on tree stand on our list. It weighs around 33 lbs. The amount of functionality it provides weight like this is perfectly natural.

Guide Gear Deluxe hang on tree stand is by far the most comfortable hang on tree stand you will ever come across. sitting in this tree stand is particularly like sitting on a chair. This tree stand comes with suspension-style seats so your body won’t hit on a hard surface, rare to come across on hang on treestands.

Even with its big complex body, it’s straightforward to assemble. You will get a guide when you buy it. The body is strong build and also coated with a powder that resists rust and corrosion. The multiple straps tie it around firmly with the tree.

This hang on tree stand has an arms rest and bigfoot area, which helps maneuver and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Are you a hunter who loves to move around, then you should buy these hang on tree stands?

If you can handle a weight of 33 lbs and looking for comfort, you should go for this hang on treestand.

3. Lone Wolf Assault II Tree Stand

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand

Looking for something very light-weight?Lone Wolf Assault II only weighs around 11 pounds, so it wouldn’t be a problem to bring it in every hunt.

The weight of assault II not much; it didn’t compromise in space. It has enough room to move around your limbs, and the setup function is straightforward so that it can fit in most of the trees.

This hang on tree stand is designed this way to fit in a tight place, and you can stealthily track your target.

This hang on tree stand can carry up to 350 pounds and fit 4 – 22 in diameter. Though this tree stand doesn’t have any armrest or backrest, it got enough space for standing and bow hunting.

4. X-Stand The Patron Hang On Treestand

X-Stand The Patron Hang On Treestand

Patron hang on tree stands, also one with which offers absolute comfort. Its functionality takes up the fourth place on our list of the best hang on a tree stand.

Like number two, this tree stand also excels in comfort, but unlike Delux, it weighs only around 25 pounds and also weight capacity is about 350 lbs. It would certainly be much easier to move around in a forest with thick bushes.

This hang on treestand comes with a footrest, armrest, and also backrest. If you plan to hunt for long hours, this would certainly be handy. It may not be easy to set up like Delux, but it’s certainly not difficult. If you practice two or three times, it will become clear as water.

Unlike deluxe, which is also very suitable for people with a big body, this is good for a person with a medium build or a skinny hunter.

5. Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Tree Stand

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Tree Stand

Lone wolf alpha 2 is another stand-shooting tree stand. When we say that it stands shoot, we don’t mean that you can only shoot while standing. No, you can shoot just as comfortable while sitting.

This hang on tree stand is very light-weight and also has a sound-reducing system. It fits trees that are 4″ – 22″ in diameter. It comes with a convenient self-seat and platform E-Z hang hook that allows it to preset stand location.

Though it does provide seating comfort but missed out on functions for a backrest or armrest, the weight is around 14 pounds and can manage up to 350 pounds. This hang on tree stand also includes a safety harness like all others, so don’t worry about safety.

6. XOP-XTREME Outdoor Tree Stand

XOP-XTREME Outdoor Tree Stand

Well, this one is made of aluminum solid, durable, and has noise-reducing ability. It’s very light-weight and effortless to transport.

XOP-XTREME comes with a safety harness, cushion, fastening straps, a Six-point bracket, backpack straps, and our bonus XOP DVD! You don’t need anything else after buying this hang on a tree stand.

Overall weight is just around 12 pounds and can carry up to 350 pounds. It has a tri-layer seat that provides ultimate comfort. With this in the center, you can stay there for long hours and continue to wait for prey to come.

If you go hunting places with thick trees or maybe hard to move around even in those places, you can easily take this hang-on tree stand.

7. Millennium M100U Ultralite Tree Stand

Millennium M100U Ultralite Tree Stand

As the name suggests, this Millennium M100U is super light. It is designed to be easily folded flat and can be carried on a bag, and has some backpack straps.

This tree stand comes with a safe link that will ensure your safety to the fullest. The Prusik knot and carabiner will make your climbing and descending from a tree stand more comfortable.

Millennium tree stand has put quite a lot of importance on comfort. It made in a way so that you can hunt, shoot, sit with complete ease.

If you find a target in a range, you don’t have to worry about space. They kept enough space for you to take your winning shot without any issues.

This tree stand weighs around 13.5 pounds; as we said before, this tree stand is super light and can also hold up to 300 pounds. This seat is for you if you place comfort above all else.

Read more about Millennium M100U.

8. Rivers Edge Big Foot Lite Foot Hang On Tree Stand

Rivers Edge Big Foot Lite Foot Hang-On Tree Stand

This hunting tree stand is a silent killer. Well, why is that? The aluminum platform is designed in a honeycomb pattern, and with its one-piece construction, we can assure it’s silent.

Only being silent doesn’t earn a seat on our best hang on tree stand. This tree stand is 14.5 pounds, and with a wide foot, the stand keeps a lot of space for comfort and maneuver.

Dual post flip up seat provides full mobility that helps you make the perfect shot while standing; no need to worry about safety. Rivers Edge Big Foot got your back.

Best Hang On Tree Stand: Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing the best tree stand for your hunt may not be easy, but it would be a lot better with our help. Buying depends on many things, and we have divided them so you can get a better understanding.

Read about how to build a tree stand.

Body type

Many types of tree stands are on the market. Some are good for tall people, and some are suitable for short people. Equally, there are tree stands specifically made for an adult, child, or seasoned hunter.

Before buying, you need to think about what type of body you have. If you are a hunter with a lot of weight, try to choose a tree stand with a backrest and armrest, suitable seat dimensions, and a big platform size.

You don’t have to worry about the weight limit as most of the tree stands have at least 200 to 300 pounds weight capacity.

Tree stand types

There are mainly two types of a tree stand that are popular among hunters. Hang on tree stands, and the other one is ladder stands.

In the hang-on tree stand, there isn’t a ladder, so most of the hunters use a rope that can help them safely ascend and descend.

Ladder stands are tree stands that come with a ladder attached. Using a ladder to climb on a tree stand is much easier than a rope. But the downside is that it is much heavier than the standard hang on tree stands.

So from our observation, if you move a lot or change your position frequently, we don’t recommend getting a tree stand with a ladder. If you are not a constant mover, then you can go for the tree stands with a ladder.

Read more about what is a tree stand?


Before buying, make sure the tree stand has noise cancellation technology. Animals have sharp ears; they can perceive sounds that are not usual in a forest, so if you are in a tree stand that makes a sound while taking precautions, you will undoubtedly get busted.



What type of tree stand you will buy largely depends on what kind of place you will go hunting. A place filled with chunky trees is not proper for extensive tree stands. In those cases, a ladder is much more helpful.

Choose a position that has a leafs that surrounds the entire area. It would work as a good cover. You don’t want deer or the prey you are targeting to notice that you are sitting or standing on a tree stand and aiming.


safety harness

Most of the hang on tree stands come with a safety harness. Most of the tree stands now can at least seat 15 feet above the ground level. If you fall from there, it would be like falling from a one-story building. Believe us; you will certainly have few broken ribs.

So make sure to buy tree stands that come with safety packages. In our best hang on tree stand collection, all of the tree stands have safety harnesses, so you don’t have to jeopardize your safety.

Tree stand platform

One of the essential parts of a hang-on stand is the platform size. Old seasoned hunters prefer getting a tree stand with a smaller platform. On the other hand, beginners like to have a spacious platform.

Why seasoned hunters like to get a tree stand with a smaller platform size. The thing is, they are experienced, and carrying a smaller platform is less tiring. Even in a small platform size, they can entirely focus on hunting.

But that’s not the case for newbies. They are new; even the slightest problem can hinder their focus. And for them to aim from a small platform is much more challenging. There won’t be much maneuver space. So, newbies should get a tree stand with a good standing area.


Suppose you are a deer hunter; it’s most likely that you are using a hunting bow for your hunt. Well, some of the options in the tree stand can ease your burden. Some of the best hang on tree stands on our list come with a cast bow holder. So try to get a tree stand that has an attached bow holder with it.


Get all your answers here.

Weight Capacity Of A Tree Stand?

Most of the hang on tree stands can carry up to 200 to 350 pounds. So even if you have to worry about your weight.

Is It Comfortable?

Well, it depends on what size of tree stand you buy. Try to buy a spacious tree stand; those are more comfortable than the less spacious tree stands.

Is Tree Stand Heavy?

Well depends on what size you get. If you buy a big tree stand with a ladder, it must be heavy. Usually, a tree stands weigh around 10 to 25 pounds.

10 To 15 Feet Above Is High Enough For A Tree Stand

It depends on what your prey is and where you are going to hunt. Many hunters have hunt deer from 8 feet. So yes, 10 to 15 feet is high enough.

Read how to put up a tree stand by yourself or a ladder stand.

Do We Need To Bring A Chain

Yes, it’s better to tie a tree stand with a chain it would reduce the chances of theft.

Learn how to make a tree stand secure.

The Verdict

Well, some hunters prefer using tree stands, and some that are don’t. The percentage goes like this: the hunters who like to chase their prey or stealthily push forward do not usually chose a tree stand, hunters who can patiently wait for their prey choose a tree stand.

The higher number of rejections of tree stand usually comes from new hunters as they feel more joy to approach their prey more than wait for it.

But whichever it may be, a tree stand is vital for hunting that no one can deny. Even if beginners say no when they’ll turn to a seasoned hunter or maybe have less stamina, they will look for the best tree stand to help on their hunt.

So how did you liked our list of the best hang on a tree stand? We hope you have already found the tree stand you are looking for. Tell us if we have missed any.

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