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Top 10 Best Cheap Trail Camera 2021

Trail cameras are an excellent way to take images and videos of natural habitats. Most of the trail cameras are waterproof and durable and can shoot HD video.

From our research, we have pulled out the best cheap trail camera that you can use for years. We have added great importance to image quality, video quality, battery, durability, and sensors.

To get the best trail camera, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. We have listed trail cameras that are cheap and also work great in all kinds of seasons.

Follow along to know more about trail cameras and choose the perfect trail camera for you.

Top 10 Best Cheap Trail Camera

  1. Campark T45 1080P Trail Camera
  2. Victure 1080p Low Glow Trail Game Camera
  3. Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme IR Trail Camera
  4. Stealth Cam G42NG Low Glow Trail Game Camera
  5. APEMAN 1080P Wildlife Trail Camera
  6. Foxelli 1080P Trail Camera
  7. TOGUARD 4K Lite Trail Camera
  8. Moultrie A-40 Trail Camera
  9. Bushnell HD_119717CW Trophy Trail Camera
  10. Bushnell 119874C 20MP Low Glow Trophy Trail Camera

1. Campark T45 1080P Trail Camera

Campark T45 1080P Trail Camera

Campart t45 is an affordable and one of the most sensitive trail cameras out there. It comes equipped with three sensors that will trigger the camera within 0.3 seconds in any movement around 65ft.

This train camera also comes with night vision. Not typically night vision where everything looks blurry. This game camera comes with 42 pcs upgraded infrared LEDs, which helps it click crystal clear images and videos even using night vision.

Campart t45 also has a 16 mp camera and has a sharp video recording of 1080p. As this game camera is very sensitive, you can be assured it wouldn’t miss any fantastic wildlife moments.

This trail camera is waterproof and can even give clear images in all kinds of weather; yes, that includes rainy days. The 120° Wide Angle Lenses also works excellent on rainy days. Looking for the best budget trail cameras, this is the best value you can get.


  • Works in excellent in the rain
  • 120° Wide Angle Lens
  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy build


  • Excessive sensitive
  • No memory card and battery included

2. Victure 1080p Trail Game Camera

Victure 1080p Low Glow Trail Game Camera

To research in-depth about animals, you will need realistic and fully clear images; if these functions can be found in a budget trail camera, that’s another plus point. Victure comes with day and night sensors that ensure crispness. It adjusts its camera to give perfect crisp and clear images.

It has a trigger speed of around .5 seconds. Upon sensing movement, it would continuously click multiple images. The fast trigger speed means you’ll less likely miss any wildlife images.

This game camera comes equipped with advanced low-glow infrared LED technology. It provides quality night vision that shows the animal clearly and also without alerting the animal.

This game camera is not easy to set up and comes with a 2.4 inches LCD screen. You can customize the setting as you see fit, but it would take a little while to understand.

The camera is around 16 mp, and the video resolution is around 1080p. This game camera has a camouflage appearance that helps it perfectly blend in with nature.

This game camera also comes with audio recording. It can record audio about 360 degrees of its surrounding.

The body is also rugged build and can operate for a long time in a single battery. It works well all season. The most challenging for a trail camera is giving clear images in the rainy season or fog surrounding the area. But you don’t have to worry; this budget trail camera will provide clear video and pictures in all kinds of situations.


  • 360-degree audio recording
  • day and night sensors
  • Low price range


  • Little complicated to use
  • No memory card and battery included

3. Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme

Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme IR Trail Camera

Terra ir is one of the cheapest game camera that we have added. If you are on a tight budget, we recommend this budget trail camera. The camera is 14 MP which is clear enough, but the video resolution is only 480p. If you try to play the video on a big screen, you will only see pixels.

If you like seeing wildlife habitats, we don’t recommend using this, but if for hunting, it would be suitable. It has a detection range of 65 ft which is the same as campart t45.

The set process of this trail camera is faster compared to others, but it doesn’t have many options available. It has a trigger speed of .5 to .8 seconds. It’s a little slow compared to other budget trail cameras.

It’s also not that better in night vision. If it clicks on night vision mode, you’ll see many blurry images if the animal is on the move.


  • Easy to set up
  • Very low price
  • Tough build


  • Resolution is not that high
  • No SD card and battery included

4. Stealth Cam G42NG Trail Game Camera

Stealth Cam G42NG Low Glow Trail Game Camera

If you are a wildlife enthusiast and also on a budget, you should consider buying this. The most fantastic thing about this stealth cam game camera is its range of 100 ft. It has a burst mode that can click 1 to 9 images upon trigger with a fast triggering speed of .5 second. For Wildlife enthusiasts, it more than enough in this price range.

Stealth cam comes with night vision and also works pretty well in night vision. With a 10 MP camera and 720p video resolution with audio recording, this game camera has everything you could ask for in this budget price range.

The Retina low-light-sensitivity technology of stealth cam works excellent in providing clear and crisp images even in night vision. Using IR mode, it can even take clear images of moving animals.

Stealth cam also comes with password-protected capabilities, so even if anyone finds it or steals it, they wouldn’t be able to access the trail camera.


  • Password protected
  • Low-light-sensitivity technology
  • Works in all season


  • No SD card and battery included

5. APEMAN 1080P Wildlife Trail Camera

APEMAN 1080P Wildlife Trail Camera

Apeman trail camera is one of the most high-resolution cameras on our list. It has a super clear 20 MP camera and can record video resolution up to 1080p with audio recording. With 940nm IR LEDs, it can take a clear photo in night mode.

Apeman trail camera comes with an LCD screen. The most benefit of having an LCD screen is that you can view the settings. If you don’t like the customized setting or think something is wrong, you can change it quickly as you can see what you are doing.

It has a fast trigger speed of .3 seconds and also has very sensitive sensors. It has a wide range of 65ft, just like our first pick. With it, you may get some empty frames, but it would not miss any animals.

It is a solid build and has a sharp design. It is also waterproof. If you use it in scorching weather, it would be a problem as an apeman trail camera can handle -10°-40°.


  • LCD screen
  • 940nm IR LEDs
  • 90-degree detection angle


  • No SD card and battery included

6. Foxelli 1080P Trail Camera

Foxelli 1080P Trail Camera

Foxelli is one of the most energy-efficient trail cameras on our list. You can either insert 4 or 8 AA batteries. It can last for eight months in standby mode.

The body is rugged build and waterproof. This trail camera comes with a 14 MP camera and can record 1080p resolution HD video with audio recording. It can record 10 minutes straight.

It offers a 120-degree shooting cope and also has a 2.4″ LCD screen.

It has a 0.5-second fast trigger speed that is slightly slower than its peers, but this kind of millisecond doesn’t matter. It has 42 Low Glow IR LEDs which helps it to take clear night pictures.

It’s straightforward to use and also comes with a strap. You can either use this game camera for hunting, wildlife viewing, or even for your house security. It works excellent in all of them.


  • Long battery life
  • Durable body
  • Waterproof


  • Blurry screen
  • No SD card and battery included

7. TOGUARD 4K Lite Trail Camera

TOGUARD 4K Lite Trail Camera

Toguard is one of the most affordable and most cleared trail cameras on our budget trail camera collection. Its 14 MP camera is super clear, and the video resolution is also good. It takes great videos, even in night vision. It can record video from a 22m distance in night mode.

It’s straightforward to use and even easier to customize. You can tweak the sensitivity options to low, medium, and high. If you are in search of something small, then you have set it too high.

This game camera runs on a 1.5V AA battery and can operate for a long time. It also has a 2.4″ color TFT LCD screen. Many people often say that this trail camera is overly sensitive. Still, most people haven’t realized that the sensitivity options can be customized, and extreme sensitivity is better than low sensitivity.

Overall we think this trail camera is pretty decent compared to its price.


  • High video quality even in night mode
  • Clear and crisp images
  • Easy to customize


  • No SD card and battery included

8. Moultrie A-40 Trail Camera

Moultrie A-40 Trail Camera

Moultrie is one of the trail cameras that interface looked good to use. Though it’s not a camouflage and also not suitable as a home security camera but all and all, we liked the design though we don’t think it has many practical uses.

It runs on eight AA batteries and has a sound energy-saving system as it can take 17,000 images on one set of AA batteries.

It has a 14 MP camera, and the video resolution is around 720p. It’s not that amazing if compared to other competitors on the list. However, it does a decent job recording in night mode.

It has a fast trigger speed of .7 second. Though it’s quick, it’s still a little bit slower than its competitors.


  • Nice interface
  • Easy to use


  • Low-quality images
  • No SD card and battery included

9. Bushnell HD_119717CW Trophy Trail Camera

Bushnell HD_119717CW Trophy Trail Camera

Bushnell is one of the most expensive trail cameras on our list. Most of the trail cameras on this list are priced below 50 dollars, while Bushnell is priced at more than 80 dollars.

Even with its high price, it falls short in many expect than the top budget trail cameras. It has a 20 MP camera which is impressive, but the video resolution isn’t so much. It can only record video in 720p.

It doesn’t have an easy guide, and also doing customization is also a bit tough.

The most depressing thing is even though it has a range of 80ft, it decreases at night by a good margin, only detects 15 to 20 feet, and its trigger speed is 0.7 seconds which is a little bit slower if compared to other best trail cameras it certainly falls short.


  • Nicely packed


  • Poor quality night images
  • Complex user guide

10. Bushnell 119874C 20MP Trophy Trail Camera

Bushnell 119874C 20MP Low Glow Trophy Trail Camera

Do you need a trail camera with long battery life, this is undoubtedly what you would want. This game camera runs on AA batteries and can function for up to 1 year using one set of batteries.

It has a fast trigger speed of .2 seconds which is the fastest on this list. After triggering, it can again start the camera after 0.5 seconds. Though all these options are fantastic, the price is also extravagant.

The detection distance range is around 100 ft, and with a 20MP camera, you’ll get clear and crisp photos. Unlike the image, the video resolution is average. It can record video on 720p with audio recording.

As for night vision, it does an excellent job in night vision; also, it proves that a 20MP camera isn’t just for show.

Our analysis is the go-to trail camera for wildlife enthusiasts, but as the fact remains, it’s the most diminutive budget camera on our list. Even though the trail camera specs are excellent, but the price is also high.


  • Easy setup
  • Crystal clear camera
  • Fast triggering speed


  • Pricy

Buyer’s Guide

Some of the things you must know, or your trail camera should have. Reading this will undoubtedly help you in deciding.

Detection Range

The detection range is the detection zone of the trail camera. This the distance where the trail cameras can sense motion and triggers the camera. The wider the detection zone, the better. Even if an animal passes from a far away, it will feel the movement and trigger the camera. Naturally, having 100 to 150ft is a plus point.

To put it more simply, it’s the sensors of the trail cameras that do the job. When it senses movement in its detection range, it triggers the camera.


When buying, make sure to buy a camera with a bigger number. You see, the bigger the number, the clearer the resolution will be. If you believe in a low-resolution camera, you will not be able to record HD video, and the photos will become pixilated. However, it may appear fine on the small screen, but when you play it on a bigger screen like a TV, it would appear blurry.

We recommend that at least get a trail camera with 5 MP and video resolution at least 720p.

Battery Life

Battery life is vital for trail cameras. The longer the battery life, the better. Some of the trail cameras can take 8 AA batteries in their battery compartment. There are trail cameras that can function more time using the same battery. So try to choose a trail camera that can operate for a longer time.

Now the thing is, what kind of battery is helpful for trail cameras. For trail cameras, it’s wise to use lithium batteries. Lithium batteries can function for a longer time, and they have a higher energy concentration. Lithium batteries can also operate in harsh weather.

Night Vision

night vision

Night vision is one of the essential trail camera spec every wildlife enthusiast needs. Even if you want to use it as a home security camera, you must ensure that your trail camera has good night vision. If you’re a hunter, you can get by without using night vision.

Nowadays, most game cameras have night vision embedded, but what you need to see is, Can the camera capture good resolution night images and.

No Glow

You don’t want your game cameras to give a scary ample flashlight while taking photos. Whether you are using it for wildlife viewing or security purpose, the flash will be the biggest obstacle.

Suppose you are using it to view wildlife habitats, and after sensing motion, the trail camera triggers the button, and with it comes a big flash. What do you think would happen? All the animals will run instant, and there’s no need to talk about security, particularly giving way to the trail camera’s location.

So, no glow means that it takes photos and videos without the flash of light it also plays a significant role in not getting your game cameras stolen.

Read about why the trail camera isn’t taking photos.

Trigger Speed

The faster the triggering speed, the better. It would be better to buy a trail camera with at least 0.5 to 0.7-second trigger speed. If you can buy one with 0.2 seconds trigger speed, that would be even better. Ensure that the shutter speed is also fast and how good the photo will somewhat depend on the shutter speed.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen is one of the essential options that many trail cameras do not possess. The biggest of having LCD on game cameras is that you can know what settings you are doing. If you don’t like the setting, you have the option to change them.


We think camo is more vital from our research because it reduces the chance of trail camera theft. There are multiple complaints of people’s trail cameras being stolen. So, If someone doesn’t search for the trail camera, it would not be found easily. It also helps in wildlife viewing, but from what we found out, it reduces the chance of trail camera theft.


Get answers to all your questions

Is It Necessary To Get Game Cameras With LCD?

No, If you don’t need to make much customization, you can make do without an LCD. Having an LCD certainly is a good thing, but it consumes batteries faster.

What Is The Difference Between Game Cameras And Trail Cameras?

There is no difference between trail cameras and game cameras. They are something with different names. Don’t be confused if someone says trail camera instead of the trail camera; they are the same.

Is No Glow Really Important?

It depends on your purpose. If you want to record wildlife habitats or use it as a security camera, you must buy one with no glow. If for hunting, you can make do without it. But having it is undoubtedly is a plus.

Can Game Cameras Send Pictures On The Phone?

Yes, it’s possible, but you have to spend a few bucks more.

Can A Trail Camera Be Used For Security?

Yes, game cameras can be used for security. If you want to monitor what’s happening, then game cameras certainly are an excellent option.

Are Wireless Trail Cameras Worth It?

Yes, for monitoring or wildlife viewing, even for hunting purposes, cellular trail cameras are an excellent option, but those trail cam also costs much more.

How Can I Hide My Trail Camera?

Hiding game cameras are vital if you’re using them for security. The easiest way is to hide it under bushes and face the camera in the place you want to monitor.

How High Should A Trail Camera Be Off The Ground?

The trail camera should be on the same level as the target’s chest. If you target a human, placing it 4 to 5 inches above the ground will suffice, but for animals, approximately 2 to 3 feet, if your target is a deer.

Read more about trail camera height.

The Verdict

We have made clear what budget cameras are the best and what those are good for and pointed out the things you should look at when buying game cameras. We hope you already got the trail camera that matches your budget and has the specs you were looking for.

If you are still not sure, we recommend you to take Campark T45; it takes top position in our collection of the best cheap trail cameras, but if you have slightly more budget, you can go for Bushnell 119874C.

So, how did you like our article? We hope you have enjoyed it.

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