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Top 10 Best Baitcaster Combo In 2021 Reviewed

Finding the best baitcaster combo can be challenging, but we’ve got you covered. 

Many anglers prefer baitcaster combos over spinning reels because they provide better control overfishing lines and allow for more accurate casts. 

There are numerous baitcasting combos on the market; some are good for saltwater, and some work best for ponds or bass fishing.

With so many options, it’s difficult for most people to choose the best baitcasting combo. So, we conducted extensive research and brought a list of the best baitcaster combo.

So, let’s jump straight into this!

Top 10 Best Baitcaster Combo

    1. KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod & Reel Combo
    2. Shakespeare Alpha Medium Rod and Reel Combo
    3. Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo
    4. Sougayilang Baitcasting Fishing Rod Reel Combos
    5. Sougayilang Baitcaster Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo
    6. Lew’s Mach Crush SLP Baitcast Combo
    7. Sougayilang Fishing Rod and Reel Combo
    8. Lew’s Mach II Speed Spool Baitcast Combo
    9. Tailored Tackle Bass Fishing Baitcasting Combo
    10. Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo

1. KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod Reel Combo

kastking crixus is one of the best budget baitcaster combo in the market. If you’re searching for a good rod and reel set, this is a good option.

This baitcasting rig’s rod is made of IM6 graphite blanks, which provide exceptional performance and sensitivity. There are several power rating options available, with lengths ranging from 5’6″ to 7’0″. 

The handles are designed in the style of a golf club’s super polymer handle, which is both comfortable and easy to grip. They significantly slip-resistant and can provide maximum grip even in the wettest of conditions. 

KastKing Crixus guide frames are made of stainless steel and have zirconium oxide rings, which provide long and smooth casts while also making them durable.

It’s a good choice if you’re thinking about freshwater bass or trout fishing or even if you’re a beginner and looking for a great fishing experience. 

2. Shakespeare Alpha Medium Rod and Reel Combo

Shakespeare Alpha Medium Rod and Reel Combo

If you are looking for something cheap, Shakespeare is the best cheap baitcaster combo you can get.

Shakespeare Alpha is a low-cost, innovative, and dependable piece of equipment that will improve your fishing game.

This baitcasting reel is made of graphite, and the rod is also very durable and performs well. 

This lightweight reel also comes with 8 pounds of pre-spooled line, so you can get started fishing right away. This baby can be used in any situation, whether you’re in a pond or a sea. 

The rods and reels are designed in such a way that fisherman can cover a wide range.

The handles have comfortable EVA grips that are both comfortable and slip-resistant. This handle comes in handy during long fishing trips. 

It is common in fishing for large fish to fight a lot, and this type of rod and reel combos makes it easier to continue the fight.

Overall, the Shakespeare Alpha is a very affordable and long-lasting baitcasting rig that is also an excellent combo for beginners and professionals. 

3. Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Abu Garcia black max baitcasting combo is another compact and lightweight fishing rod for anglers. It was created and designed by Abu Garcia, a company producing fishing equipment since 1921.

Like other top combos, this one is also made using graphite, and the reel is made using one graphite frame and graphite side plates.

The length of black max is approximately 6’6″, making it ideal for longer casts.

The reel highlights four stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing for a smooth and effortless retrieve. This reel also has a fantastic braid capacity of 140 pounds.

The rod is made of 24-ton graphite, which makes it extremely lightweight and responsive. 

Black max also has Abu Garcias power disk system that reduces the weight by a huge margin and ensures smooth drag.

This baitcasting combos handles are very compact and provide a comfortable grip in all conditions.

Overall, the Black Max is a very affordable and compact piece of fishing equipment. 

4. Sougayilang Baitcasting Fishing Rod Reel Combos

Sougayilang Baitcasting Fishing Rod Reel Combos

Sougayilang Baitcasting fishing rod is super light and portable. The rod of this fishing gear is made using triple-layer carbon fiber and is sensitive and durable.

This equipment is capable of performing any technique involving worms and jigs. The casting rod is available in lengths ranging from 5.9ft to 7.9ft, which increases the cast range. 

Ceramic line guides are precisely spaced, enhancing performance and line flow. It also extends the range of the casting. 

The gear is made of CNC machined brass, which guarantees durability and a robust drag system. This advanced drag system makes it much easier to catch large fish.

The high-quality rubber coating on the handle makes it slip-resistant in all conditions, and the anti-corrosion coating provides a comfortable grip. The handle is designed so that you can fish all day. 

Altogether this is the best baitcaster combo under 100 as it also comes with quite a bit of accessories like reel, lures, hooks, and a carrier bag.

5. Sougayilang Baitcaster Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Sougayilang Baitcaster Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Sougayilang telescopic is a lightweight, long-lasting, and sensitive baitcasting combo.

The baitcasting rod is made of 24-ton carbon fiber, which makes it extremely sensitive and long-lasting. The rod’s length is approximately 7ft, which improves cast range.

This baitcasting combo also includes 9+1 ball bearings for the ultimate silent fishing. 

The rod also comes with a high-density EVA and a cork handle, which is slip-resistant, comfortable. This kind of handle is also very useful in lengthy fishing.

This combination’s gear ratio is around 8.1, which is faster than a standard gear ratio of 6.4, but having a high ratio is perfectly fine. It will allow you to move the bait through the water at a faster rate. 

Altogether, this is good equipment, and like other Sougayilang gears, this one also comes with accessories. It’s an ideal gift for fishing-obsessed friends or family members. 

6. Lew’s Mach Crush SLP Baitcast Combo

Lews Mach Crush SLP Baitcast Combo

Lew’s Mach features lightweight, durable, and super low-profile graphite. It has an eye-catching color and a performance-oriented design.

This set includes a ten-bearing system with stainless steel balls and zero reverse. If the line begins to reverse, the bearing gets stuck. 

This baitcasting reel is constructed with a graphite frame and side plates. The rod’s one-piece IM8 graphite construction makes it light, durable, and performance-oriented.

This combo also comes with a multi-setting brake system. An extremely adjustable brake system utilizes both external click dial for setting the magnetic brake.

The reel has a double anodized spool tension adjustment as well as a rugged carbon fiber drag system with 20 lbs of drag power.

This reel also comes with a 95mm anodized bowed aluminum reel handle with oversized Dri-Tac handle knobs.

This fishing gear is a good choice if you want a performance-oriented piece of equipment that is long-lasting. 

7. Sougayilang Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Sougayilang Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

This freshwater gear is extremely light and portable. This combination is not suitable for catching large fish, but it is excellent for catching small or medium-sized fish.

The pole is made using high-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass, making the fishing pole durable and elastic.

This set also includes high-quality line guides for greater casting control.

The reel gear ratio is approximately 7.0:1, which, when combined with CNC machined gear, makes it durable and allows you to move the bait through the water faster. It also has a powerful braking system. 

The non-slip EVA foam handle ensures a secure grip and maximum comfort. The poles can be adjusted by inserting them and are extremely portable. You can change the rod depending on the situation.

Overall, this is an excellent combination for beginners or people who travel frequently. It also comes with a one-year warranty. 

8. Lew’s Mach II Speed Spool Baitcast Combo

Lews Mach II Speed Spool Baitcast Combo

Lew’s Mach II, like Lew’s Mach, is very lightweight and durable. It’s also very eye-catching.

The rod is made of one-piece IM8 graphite and nanotechnology, which makes it elastic and durable.

The guides are made using stainless steel frames and aluminum oxide.

The reel has a low-profile graphite frame and side plates and a double-anodized 32 mm aluminum spool.

This model also includes a 10-ball bearing system with double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings, a one-way clutch bearing, and a super magnetic control system. 

This combo also features a durable star drag system with 15lb up to drag power.

The rod handle features Winn advanced polymer Dri-Tac handle knobs that are slip-resistant and ideal for long fishing periods.

Overall, this combination can compete with major brands such as KastKing, Okuma, and Ugly Stik. 

9. Tailored Tackle Bass Fishing Baitcasting Combo

Tailored Tackle Bass Fishing Baitcasting Combo

If you’re looking for the best bass baitcaster combo, look no further than tailored tackle bass combo, which is super right-handed performance oriented affordable fishing gear for bass anglers.

This baitcasting rod is 7 feet long and has medium heavy power and fast casting. With a 7-foot length, the casting range expands as well. 

The 6.3:1 gear ratio is ideal, and the seven ball bearing ratio system increases cast and baiting speed.

The rod has a soft rubber coated handle that is both non-slip and comfortable.

Altogether, this right handed baitcasting combo will provide the best fishing experience even if you are a beginner. 

10. Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo

Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo

Ugly stik is a low-cost, stylish combination. This equipment is very light and provides a better balance.

Ugly stik tip designed to provide additional strength and sensitivity.

The ugly stik rod is constructed of graphite and fiberglass. It has a 6’6″ length, medium heavy power, and a fast casting function. 

This ugly stik model comes with a single ball bearing reel and 12 pounds of strength line pre-spooled.

The rod has a double-padded aluminum handle made of EVA foam, which is slip resistant and comfortable.

Altogether, Ugly stik is a good purchase in this price range. If you are a beginner, it will be an excellent partner to learn all of the skills.

Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing a combo, you should be aware of the type of fish you want to catch and the type of location where you will be fishing. Depending on the fish and location, you may need to select a specific combo to go with your fishing method.

There are a few options to consider before purchasing a baitcasting combos.

Read how to cast a baitcaster.

Reel Size

Having a large reel has its own set of benefits. The size of the reel, whether large or small, is determined primarily by the location where you intend to fish.

You can make do with a big reel in a small pond, but if you want to fish in a sea, a small reel won’t do the job.

Fishing in the sea means you will need a more robust line, unlike the lines you will need in the pond. To withstand that line pressure, you will need a big and durable reel that can withstand pressure.

In the sea, fishes are much larger and more robust, and they also struggle a lot, so you’ll need a stronger and larger reel to reel them in. It gives you greater control over your line. 


When purchasing baitcasting combos, you should be aware of the material. Graphite and fiberglass pair are the most common materials used to make baitcasting rods. These materials are extremely long-lasting, elastic, and light. 

When it comes to rod length, you must choose between two options. If you want an accurate short cast, you should use a shorter rod, such as a 6ft medium heavy rod, but if you don’t need an entirely accurate cast but need the cast to reach a longer distance, a 7ft baitcasting rod is much better. 


When purchasing, ensure that the handle is non-slip and comfortable. If you want to fish for an extended period, you’ll need these features.

Make sure the handle is either cork or EVA; both are excellent choices. 

Most of the time, handles are placed on the right side, so it would be a problem if you are left handed. Many companies offer both left and right handed handles; look for them; we have plenty of them on our list.

Though most of the gear comes with two power handles, some come with one. Try to get gear with two power handles; it will help you a lot when you’re fishing.


rod guides

The majority of the rod’s guides are stainless steel, but some are aluminum, titanium, or ceramics. They aid in casting and reduce friction.

When purchasing, make sure to select a rod with strong guides. 

Braking System

The primary function of a braking system is to control the rotation of the spools. When you cast your line, it provides some resistance. Its primary function is to limit the amount of lines you cast so that the lines do not become entangled with one another.

Especially if you’re a beginner who isn’t sure how much line to release and ends up releasing more than necessary. 

Drag System

You will certainly need this option if you are looking to fish in the sea or if your target is to catch big fishes.

The drag system consists primarily of a pair of friction plates that control how much line comes out while fishing.

There are mainly two things you will need the drag system for; one is to reduce the pressure from the line, and the other is to tire out the fish.

Everyone knows that big fish struggle a lot, so when the fish pulls the line hard, the reel starts rotating backward, letting out the line, so it doesn’t break. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your questions.

Why Should I Choose Baitcaster Rather Than Spinner?

Baitcasting combos can withstand far more pressure than spinner reels. It can accommodate thicker and stronger lines, which increases casting distance. In comparison, spinners have a narrow spool that is incompatible with larger and thicker lines. 

Are Baitcaster Combos Suitable For Beginners?

All of the professionals, as well as ourselves, believe that baitcasters are appropriate for beginners. Casting with baitcasting combos is much easier, making it easier for beginners to create that perfect cast.

Obviously, learning baitcasting will not be easy; beginners may struggle due to the steep learning curve. They may also have difficulty controlling the spool while casting.

Read how to hold a baitcaster.

What kind of lures is suitable for baitcasting?

Topwater lures, crankbaits, jerk baits, spinnerbaits, buzz baits, swim jigs, swimbaits, and flipping are some of the lures that can be used for baitcasting. 

Can I Use Braided Fishing Line In Baitcasting?

Yes, a braided fishing line can be used. Though braided fishing lines are slightly more expensive than standard lines, they are stronger and last longer.

However, braided lines are much easier to cast than monofilament lines, but they get easily entangled with each other.

Read How To Spool A Baitcaster With Braid.

The Verdict

A good baitcasting combo will significantly enhance your fishing skills. There are numerous baitcasting combos on the market, but not all of them are appropriate for every situation.

We conducted extensive research to create the best baitcaster combo collection and have gone over everything you need to know or look for when purchasing a baitcaster. 

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