Millennium M100u Review

Millennium M100u Review

The M100u is 20% more lighter than the original M100. It is much more portable than M100; this tree stand can be folded flat for backpacking, and straps are also included.

This lightweight design comes with a safety harness and very comfortable, and that’s not all; it also has a vast standing area.

In this millennium m100u review, we will try to reveal everything about this extra lightweight tree stand.

Millennium M100u Review

Millennium M100U Ultralite Tree Stand


M100U is not only lightweight the materials used in making this tree stand are rugged aluminum and have durable finishing. This is designed for easy use, and its full-body harness exceeds the threshold of the industry.

Even though this tree stand is lightweight, you may assume it cannot hold up much weight, but no it can hold up 300 pounds.


As we already said, the M100u is 20% lighter than the original M100. If your hunting spot is a few km ways from your parking spot, then it would become a hassle to carry a heavy tree stand, and you’ll be tired out even before you arrive at your favorite hunting place. This m100u only weighs around 13.5 pounds.

If you compare it to other tree stands, there’s a good chance that you will not find many tree stands with the same comfort and lightweight as this one.


A tree stand without a safety harness is not a tree stand at all. When you are standing on a tree stand and aiming at prey and any mishap can occur, and in those scenarios, a safety harness can be the thing that saves you from getting few broken ribs.

This tree stand comes with a safe link. Designed in a way so hunters can ascend and descend from a tree stand safely.


The platform size is essential for a tree stand. Well, if the venue is large, then the hunters can do standing shots. A big platform means there is enough space for moving around the body. Though this thing doesn’t bother seasoned hunters but newbie’s it does become a hassle. Having a large platform definitely is a plus.

Wrapping Up

Tree stands are for those hunters who can wait for the prey to come to them, not for those who search for prey. So it’s okay to say you may need to sit in the same spot for hours. So choosing a tree stand with a fair amount of space is definitely a plus.

The M100U provides all the things necessary to stay on a tree stand for hours. The tree stand is designed in a way so that it doesn’t make any noise, and with a safety harness, there’s no risk.

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