how to use trail camera

How To Use Trail Camera?

Trail cameras are an excellent way to improve your hunting skills. It allows you to observe and monitor the movements of your prey within a certain distance. It enables you to prepare ahead for a successful hunt.

There are many hunters and wildlife enthusiasts out there who love using trail cameras as their scouting partner. The bad news is that most have no idea how to use trail cameras effectively.

Trail cameras are not difficult to use, and they are much easier than you would think. This article will help you improve your game camera skills, whether you’re a pro or a novice.

Choosing The Right Trail Camera

The trail camera market is massive, and it’s growing every day. New products with new features appear on the market every now and then. There are some that are very costly, but you can go for the budget trail cameras if you don’t have the funds.

Whichever you choose, see that it has all the options you need.

Battery Life

Make sure your trail camera is fully charged or that the batteries are fresh before heading out. After you’ve set up your trail camera, you don’t want the batteries to die. If you plan on leaving it there for an extended period of time, make sure the batteries are completely charged.

Memory Card

Going to war without a memory card is comparable to going to war without food and water for us. Check to see if you have one in your camera. Don’t forget that every day of your hard work will be captured in that tiny piece of chip. Make sure the memory card is formatted before inserting it.

Give A Trial

Before heading out using the trail camera, see if it’s working correctly or not. Check the video and images, see how they are coming out.


Place it in an area where there are animal signs. Setting it up next to a pond or lake, or maybe near some fruit trees, can suffice. Don’t just set it up anywhere; check to see if there’s any nearby water or food. These are the areas where the animal is most likely to appear.


While you are setting up your trail camera, it would be best if the camera faces the north. If your trail camera directly faces the sun, then the glare will affect your picture quality. It’s not a wise move if your lens faces the direction of the sun.


Check the range of your trail camera and set it up based on that if your trail camera has a 100 ft range, set up the camera about 8 yards from your target camera.


Your camera should be around the same height as your prey’s chest. If you’re not sure what you’re aiming for, aim for 2 to 3 feet above the ground; this should cover most species.

If you’re aiming for humans, 4 feet would be ideal.


Theft of trail cameras isn’t uncommon; it happens all the time. So, if possible, buy one with camouflage and hide it in the bush to avoid catching people’s attention, and tie it with something like steel cable to be extra secure.

Let’s Watch A Video

The verdict

Trail cameras are one of the essential tools, and it cuts your work by a vast margin. Follow our guidelines; it will surely elevate your hunt.

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