how to use lineman's rope

How To Use A Lineman’s Rope?

Lineman’s rope is an essential piece of equipment for tree stand hunters. It keeps you connected to the tree all time, and it gives you the ability to use both hands, which plays a crucial role in setting up the tree stand.

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  1. First, put the carabiner in one of the loops on your belt. It will stay permanently on there.
  2. Then you have to put your lineman’s rope around the tree and hook it with other loops. Make sure to adjust the screw on the carabiner.

Now you are all ready to start climbing using a lineman’s rope; you can adjust the rope distance as you see fit. Before you mount on the tree stand, you have set up another lineman’s rope in a branch so it can hold your weight if something goes wrong while you are climbing on the tree stand. Before climbing on the tree stand, remove your first lineman rope and hook your second lineman rope with your safety harness. It would then work as a safety harness.

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