how to spool a baitcaster with braid

How To Spool A Baitcaster With Braid

In terms of fishing, a baitcasting reel is far superior to a spinning reel. It allows for more accurate casting and can accommodate more powerful lines.

When equipped with a braided line, baitcaster performance skyrockets, necessitating an understanding of how to spool a baitcaster with a braided line. 

It may appear complicated at first, but with our detailed guide and a little practice, you will be able to do it in no time. 

How To Spool A Baitcaster With Braid Line

As a newcomer, it may appear complex or messy at first, but don’t worry, follow along with us.

There are several methods for spooling braid lines in a baitcaster. The method we will demonstrate is the one we found to be the simplest. 

  • First, connect your reel to your rod. Attach it perfectly, so it doesn’t fall off while spooling. 
  • Thread your braid line through the rod guides or eyelets.
  • Now attach the line with the spool. When you connect it, make sure you pass the line through the wormhole or guide.
  • You’ll notice a few holes in the spool; pass the line through one hole, take it out of another, and then tie knots. Arbor knots or whatever knots you prefer. 
  • Remove any excess line that remains after tying the knots. 
  • Now, take some tape. Cut a small piece of the tape and place it into the knot. It will secure the knot while also preventing the line from becoming entangled. 
  • Now you can begin spooling, but make sure to put tension in the line.
  • When you begin spooling, you will need a friend or someone to hold the line. If you don’t have anyone, use a cloth to hold your line. Braid lines are sharp and can cut your hand if not held with a cloth. 
  • Now that you have the line in your hands put some tension on it and begin spooling the reel and wrap the spindle with a braided line.
  • Don’t fill the spindle completely; leave some space, say 10% of the space. It will be helpful in casting. 

This is how you can spool your baitcaster using a braided line. There are numerous other methods available, but we find this one to be the most convenient. To avoid backlash later, make sure you apply enough tension to the line while spooling.

Even if you’re using monofilament or fluorocarbon, you can spool the baitcaster in the same way. 

How To Spool A Baitcaster Using A Line Spooler System

We’ve already covered how to manually spool braid line on a baitcaster, but what if you have a spooler system?

Spooling with a spooler system reduces the likelihood of backlash, but it’s not necessary; you’ll be fine if you follow our steps above.

Now, if you have a spooler system, read our guide to learn how to use it effectively. 

  • Using a line spooler to spool a baitcaster isn’t all that different from doing it manually. So, start with the first few steps of the manual spooling guide and work your way up to the knot part. 
  • Then, place the line disk on the top handle of the line spooler and the reel on the lower handle.
  • If you notice the upper handle with the disk moving too much while spooling, tighten the screw. 

Spooling the line with a line spooler is much faster than spooling manually. So, if you want things to move faster, go with a line spooler.


Fishing with a braided line gives anglers a significant advantage and allows them to catch larger fish. In addition, braided lines are more potent and last longer than other types of fishing lines.

Now that your baitcaster combo is fully stocked with a new braid line, all that remains is to choose a location and a lure.

Happy baitcasting.

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