How To Sharpen A Wusthof Knife

How To Sharpen A Wusthof Knife

Knives are an essential tool in a chef’s arsenal, and keeping them sharp is just as important. Knives cut much better when they are maintained and sharpened regularly.

Wüsthof knife is a company that has been making kitchen knives for generations, and their products are also trendy among professionals.

So here, we will elaborate on how to sharpen a Wusthof knife.

History Of Wusthof Knife

Wusthof is primarily a family-owned business that has been in operation for generations. The headquarters of the company are in Solingen, Germany.

This company primarily manufactures kitchen knives. They make knives of varying quality.

These knives are popular among chefs.

Though this company began in a single location, their knives are now sold all over the world. 

How To Keep It Sharpened

It’s better not to use sharpeners to sharpen your knives every time as it removes a chunk of steel from the edges.

So, it better to regularly maintain the knives using a sharpening steel. Now we’ll describe the steps you can take to sharpen the Wusthof knife using sharpening steel.

1. Take out your sharpening steel, place it on the table, and firmly grip it.

2. Now, place your Wusthof knife on the sharpening steel.

3. Begin rubbing your knife against the sharpening steel. Remember to only scratch the blade’s edge.

4. To achieve the perfect edge, hold your knife at a 15-degree angle.

5. Begin at the bring it bottom down and work your way up to the blade tip.

Do it like 4 to 5 times.

6. Now repeat it on the other side of the blade. 

Sharpening steels are not meant to sharpen your knives. Its main work is to hone it or keep the edges sharp.

How To Sharpen A Wusthof Knife

The electric knife sharpener is the best option for sharpening the Wusthof knife. It’s quick and straightforward, and you don’t need any special skills to do it.

Although it is a little pricey, it makes sharpening faster and easier. If you own a Wusthof knife, you are most likely a chef or a housewife.

Because it will be used primarily in the kitchen, an electric knife sharpener is preferable to a whetstone or manual sharpener.

If you use Wusthof knives, we believe electric knife sharpeners are the best option. 

1. Begin by determining the notches. Determine which notch is for sharpening and which is for honing.

2. Now, insert your dull Wusthof blade into the coarse grinding slot.

3. Don’t need to apply any pressure; place the knife on the coarse side and pull it(without using any pressure).

4. It only takes two or three strokes to sharpen the blade.

5. Repeat the process with the opposite side of the blade.

6. After sharpening the edges, use the honing slot to hone the knife. 

Keep Knives Clean

Keeping knives clean is essential. It saves blades from corrosion and increases their life.

So how can you keep your knives clean? Let’s find it out.

  • Immediately wash your knife after use; if you are busy, then wipe off the blade using a towel.
  • If you use it to cut chemical products, then wash it immediately.
  • Use warm water to clean the knife
  • Make sure to wore gloves.
  • Dry the knife after washing.

You can keep your knives clean by following these simple steps.

Remember, don’t soak your knives for an extended period, don’t use chemicals to clean them, and keep your blades in a box rather than a drawer.


Wusthof knives have been around for centuries and are among the most popular kitchen knives.

Because these knives are primarily used in the kitchen, it is best to sharpen them with an electric knife sharpener.

We hope you enjoyed our article.

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Have fun sharpening.

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