How To Set Up A Ladder Tree Stand

How To Set Up A Ladder Tree Stand?

Ladder tree stands relatively less risky than setting up a hang-on tree stand. Here in this article will talk about how to set up a ladder tree stand.

Before setting up the ladder tree stand, you need to check up all your belongings, making sure you didn’t forget anything. First foremost, make sure that you have your safety harness equipped. Most of the time, it comes along with the ladder tree stand.

Bring some chains and rope. Use the rope to pull things, and it would be needed when you set up the ladder stand, and the chain would work not to get the ladder stand stolen if you are hunting elsewhere. Let’s begin

  • First, choose a tree that is very much staring and has more minor branches. If it has many branches, it will obstruct the ladder.
  • Then lay the ladder in front of the tree and pull the ladder to attach it directly.
  • After you have stationed your ladder stand with the tree, set up the brace in the center of your ladder stand and set the other part on the tree so it can hold the tree stand.
  • So now you can start climbing, but you should remember we have told you to bring a rope before that. Attach the rope at the top of your tree stand and circle it around the tree. Tell someone to pull it when you start climbing it would hold the tree stand in place. If there isn’t anyone, you can pull it using one hand and can begin climbing, but this method is a little bit risky.
  • So now climb on the ladder stand. In the time of climbing, make sure that only one part of your body part in motion, like moving your limbs one at a time.
  • After you reach the top, install a cargo strap on the top so it could hold the top, and after you set it up, no one has to pull the rope anymore. Make sure the cargo strap is not loose.
  • The last thing is to install your safety harness with the tree so you can maneuver without fear of falling.

This all you need to know to set up a ladder stand.


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