How To Put Up A Tree Stand By Yourself

How To Put Up A Tree Stand By Yourself?

There are quite a few away that you can set up your beloved hunting tree stand. But many of the ways are very tough for a single person to do. So for everyone, we have come up with our version of how to put up a tree stand by yourself.

Many hunters out there hunt alone, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them, or at least interested in doing so.
So let’s get started.

Put A Tree Stand By Yourself?

The first step is to choose the tree you want to set up your tree stand on; if you have selected the tree, it’s time to follow the steps.

  • First, you’ll need two or three climbing sticks. Put the first one right about the height of your knee. Please make sure you put it ideally; you don’t want the stick to fall when you step on it. Push your weight on the stick using your hands so it perfectly clings to the tree.
  • After that, set up the lineman’s rope for safety purposes. It would make the process of climbing a whole lot easier. If you can’t use a lineman’s rope, we have a specific article about that.
  • Now stand on the first stick and put the second stick about your knee height. Before setting up the second stick, you need to figure out in which position you will set up your hang-on tree stand. Set up the second climbing stick. This will work as your foothold to set up the tree stand. If you want to climb higher, do the same what you did with the two sticks.
  • Now climb down again, pick up your tree stand, or you can tie them using a rope and pull them while you are on the stick. Make sure the straps are not intertwined with each other. If everything is tangled with each other, then it would be a big hassle to untangle it while standing on the sticks.
  • Now put the tree stand on your back like a backpack and climb back up.
  • Now, place your tree stand in the place you have fixed. First, connect the bottom strap; it would hold the tree stand while you put the top straps. Make sure that straps are not loose. If the straps are loose, there’s a big chance of getting a shock. Place your hands on the area and apply weight to see how the straps are holding up.
  • Before you try to go up on the tree stand, make sure to set up the safety harness. Get another lineman’s rope and set it with your safety harness. Then you can remove your first lineman’s rope, and now you are ready to sit on the tree stand.

The Verdict

It’s not easy to set up a tree stand, and it can also take up to 20 to 30 minutes if you are pretty experienced. Nonetheless, tree stand has been a reasonably popular way for hunters to hunt. Before hunting using a tree stand, make sure you have everything packed up and make double sure that you brought your safety harness and some extra lineman’s rope. You may not know when you need that.

The process we have added works excellent for lightweight tree stands and also for heavy tree stands. For ladder, tree stands, the process is a little different. If you have a ladder stand, we also have an article about setting up a ladder stand

So how did you like our article about how to put a tree stand by yourself?

We hope you found it helpful.

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