How To Make Bow And Arrow For Hunting

How To Make Bow And Arrow For Hunting

There is nothing to doubt that the compound bows or the bows made for hunting are unique and comfortable to use. However, do you not ever feel like how the hell people used to create a bow when there weren’t any compound bows. It is a bit easier now because the things we need are within our reach.

We don’t say that creating it would be easy, It would be easier to buy a new bow, but the excitement of hunting or doing archery with your homemade bow is another level of happiness. Being happy keeps you healthy.

So follow our steps to learn how to make a homemade bow and arrows for hunting.

How To Make A Bow And Arrow For Hunting?

How To Make Bow And Arrow For Hunting

The Tools You Will Need

Making hunting bows are now much more comfortable than it used to be 50 years ago. Now we have all the tools that are needed to make a handcrafted bow.

    • Circular saw
    • Pillar knife
    • Precision knock
    • Bowstrings
    • Wood glue
    • Fletching jig
    • Moisture meter
    • Debarking tool
    • Alloy steel files
    • Taper tool
    • Feathers

Now that we have everything, we will start making the homemade bow; let’s jump on it.

Pick The Wood


If you can’t choose a suitable wood, then say goodbye to your homemade bow. In making bows selecting the right wood is crucial. Inwood, choosing hickory, oak, ash, yew, or maple trees works excellent for making a handcrafted bow.

Please choose the one with little weight, so it is robust inside and doesn’t easily break. We recommend buying wood from a store. This way, you can find dry wood. When choosing the wood, make sure that the grains are not significant.

If you want to cut wood, make sure that the wood is dense enough, and take wood at least 5 to 6 feet long and wide.

Read this article to find out recurve bow size

Determine Curve


First, find out the stick’s natural curve. You can find the curve point by placing the bow stick on a flat floor. Place your hands on top and the other on the bottom and bend the stick from the middle. Note down the upper limb and the lower limb.

Shape The Bow

Shape The Bow





Now follow the measurement and shape the bow like above and make some spaces to tie the bowstring. Don’t try to think about the bow too much; follow the given measurement and don’t put too much pressure on the back, or it may cause damage.

Add handle

The thicker part in the middle is the place to add the handle. Place a piece at least 6 to 8 inches wide and stick that in the middle. After that, wait for a day or two; see if the handle is glued with the bow or not. If it did, then thin out the extra edges.

Check bows flexibility

Well, now you have done all the things required. You have added the handle and connected the strings directly to see the flexibility of the homemade bow. If the bow is not flexible, then it would break sooner. Tie the angles with a firm not so stretchy rope and stretch the bow 30 to 40 times.

This way, you’ll find if the bow is flexible enough. Pull the two limbs simultaneously so it doesn’t cause harm to the bow. The homemade hunting bow is done.

Make Arrows For Hunting

Make Arrows For Hunting

For making arrows, the sticks need to be smooth. A minor problem can create a considerable change in the trajectory.

Choosing Sticks

arrow sticks








For arrows, it’s better to choose the wood the bow is made with. Try to split the wood as straight as possible, so later, it becomes easier to shape it. The bow’s height is a little bit subjective, so it’s better to take the length you are confident enough to pull.

Arrow Head

Arrow Heads

Use the knife and try to make a bullet point in the top or buy some arrowheads and stick them with a notch. You can use glue, but it would not last long.

Arrow Feathers

Arrow Feathers

We recommend using a feather that is made for arrows. It will help the arrow to hit the target accurately.

Now your arrow is complete.


Well, we do recommend you to buy a compound or recurve bow or a bow that is made for hunting. Even if you make a bow at home, these bows can’t compare with the bows on the market. So don’t be naïve enough to go bow hunting with the bow you created. 90% chance you will fail. So, if it’s learning purpose or purely to enjoy, you should make the bow.

Let’s watch a video

Wrapping Up

Even though homemade bows can’t compare to the modern bows, it gives you joy and sense of fulfillment. The modern bows are also expensive.

So, how did you liked our how to make bow and arrow for hunting tutorial.

We hope it would be helpful to you.

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