How To Hold A Baitcaster

How To Hold A Baitcaster

There are numerous ways to hold a baitcaster. The way you hold a baitcaster will also determine how quickly you tire yourself out or whether you are a newbie or not.

I’ve been baitcasting for a long time and have developed my method of holding a baitcaster.

Many professional baitcasters have their method of holding the rod. At the end of the day, it every time comes down to how you are comfortable holding it.

How To Hold A Baitcaster

It’s unnecessary to use the method I described, but if you’re a beginner, you might not have figured out which way you feel most comfortable holding a baitcaster.

So, until you find your own way, you can follow our instructions step by step.

First Way

The first way is that rather than holding your rod handle in the back, you should hold it in the reel. Your thumb finger should be above the reel to give you more control over how much line you let out.

This method is used by the majority of anglers and is a relatively inexpensive method.

This method distributes your strength throughout the rod, requiring you to use less force than if you held it in the back of the handle.

This method is ideal for long-term fishing.

Second Way

If you want to know how much line you’re letting go of, do it this way.

In this case, you’ll have to put your hand on the reel and primarily hold it.

When you hold the reel, your pointer finger should be under the line so you can get a direct feel of the line.

The middle finger should be directly beneath the rod, and the long and ring fingers should be at the end of the reel.

What Is The Wrong Way

Baitcaster is not a baseball bat or a cricket bat and should not be treated as such.

Hold it in the manner described above.

The Verdict

There isn’t a single correct way to hold a baitcaster, but the methods we’ve given you are some of the most common.

Many anglers have their own method of baitcasting, so until you find your own, you can use our method.

If you’re wondering where my own method is, it’s not suitable for most people, so I won’t list it here.

Check out our article on the best baticaster combo.

We hope you found our article helpful.

Happy Baitcasting.

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