How To Hide Trail Camera From Humans

How To Hide Trail Camera From Humans?

Hiding your trail camera is essential. Trail camera theft has been reported on several occasions. However, most of the time, the preparator cannot be found.

When you lose your camera, you lose more than just the camera; you also lose all of your hard work and the images you have collected. As a result, we should take some precautions to ensure that our camera is not stolen.

There are multiple ways out there that you can use to hide your trail camera from humans.

Place It In Higher

When we go hunting, hiking, or camping, we don’t usually look up; our primary focus is always on the ground. If you want to keep your camera safe, place it at a higher altitude, such as 10 to 15 feet.


Camo is ideal for blending the trail camera into the environment. When shopping, try to find one with tree camouflage. It helps to blend in with the trees; if no one is looking for your trail camera, it will be difficult to find. People do not go to the forest to steal other people’s cameras.


Don’t leave it out in the open; instead, try to conceal it in a bush or the shade of a tree branch. No one goes into the woods to look for cameras, and it’s difficult to find trail cameras in a shadow if they’re camouflaged.

No Glow

No matter how careful you are, the flash will reveal the location. Get a trail camera with a low glow, or better yet, no glow. Check out our article about the best budget trail camera if you want to buy no glow trail cameras.


Set it up in an area that humans rarely visit to reduce the possibility of trail camera theft. If you want to monitor hunters, simply place it near the road but not too close to it.

If you can secure the trail camera with wire, it will be more difficult for thieves to steal it.

The Verdict

Now you know what steps you can take to keep your trail camera safe from thieves. Trail cameras are essential, but the memory card that holds all of your precious content is even more important, so it is prudent to take the necessary precautions to keep it safe.

We hope you found our article helpful.

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