How To Build A Tree Stand

How To Build A Tree Stand

As a hunting enthusiast, you may want to build your tree stand. However, this is not an easy task. A hunting tree stand must be strong enough to support your weight. There are three types of tree stands; the ladder-type is the easiest to construct.

To put it simply, you must construct a ladder and a firm seat to support your weight.

What Is A Tree Stand?

A tree stand is a tool that allows hunters to hunt from a tree. Hunters will set up a tree stand and wait for prey to arrive before taking their killing shot from the tree stand.

The tree stand is not entirely safe, but it comes with everything you need to keep yourself from falling. It includes a safety harness that will save you if you fall.

The tree stand also includes multiple straps and a hooking system to secure it to the tree.

Climbing tree stands, hang-on tree stands, ladder tree stands, and box stands are the only four types of tree stands.

Only the ladder stand can be made at home. So, now we’ll go over everything you need to know about building a tree stand.

How To Build A Tree Stand

Ready these materials before you start building your tree stand

  1. two wood beams (Make sure they are strong enough to bear at least two times of your weight)
  2. Two more wood beams for the seat(1 ft would be okay)
  3. Steps
  4. Plywood
  5. Nails
  6. Screwdriver
  7. Hammer

Build The Ladder

Wood beams

Making the ladder is essential, so make sure the ladder can take your weight. Follow these steps to make the ladder.

  • Place the two wooden beams on the ground facing each other. Make sure the beams are thick enough to take your weight.
  • Now take the rungs and place each of them 20 inches apart. Attach the rungs with the nails and screws.
  • Give a test drive to see if the rungs are perfectly attached or not.

Make The Seat

When placing the seat, choosing the right tree is very important. Well, also guide you to that.

  • Choose a tree that has animal signs around it and also way from the road. The tree shouldn’t have too many branches and thick enough to bear your weight.
  • Now find two branches parallel to each other and check if these branches can take your weight.
  • Now that you have your branches make the seat.
  • Take those extra small wood beams and nail the plywood on them. To be extra secured, you can screw two more extra beams on the bottom.

Connecting Ladder With The Seat

Connecting the ladder with the seat is very important. You don’t want the ladder to fall off the seat during climbing.

  • Take the ladder and nail the seat on the top of the ladder.
  • Now place the complete tree stand and put it on the branches and nail or screw it on them. So it doesn’t fall off.
  • Now you have your ladder tree stand where you can stand and sit. Make sure you have the safety harness on, and if you want to be extra safe, add some railings on the ladder.


You see, the tree stands you’ll make will most likely not be as comfortable as the millennium, and it will also not have the safety you would get with those on the market.

That’s not all; making a tree stand is laborious and time-consuming. The tree stands you will not able give you much comfort and safety and can break as well. By the time you make one you can practice your bow hunting skills

Think deeply; it’s not about the tree stand. It’s about you. If something happens to the tree stand while you were on it, the person who will suffer will be you.

So we do recommend buying a tree stand for your safety. Check out our best hang-on tree stand review to get a better understanding.

So we hope you liked our How To Build A Tree Stand article?

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