how should a hang on stand be secured

How Should A Hang On Stand Be Secured?

Theft is not a common thing but certainly does exists. Many hunters reported their stolen hunting tree stand.

There are some scenarios where the hang on the tree stand gets stolen. Like in a hunting season, many hunters tend to join the fray. The theft occurrence also goes up.

It’s imperative that you cannot linger around your tree stands all the time, and you will have to go to nearby areas to check the situations, and it the ideal time to steal the tree stands.

One thing has proved this kind of thefts are not planned; it just happens when a hunter passing by and sees your tree stand without any person in it. They find it an easy catch, so some hunters can’t handle the temptation.

For a few years, the number of stolen tree stands is on the rise, but rarely does anyone report them. This is because the community of hunters is tiny and a scenario like this can do more harm than good.

So, there are a few away that you can take to make your hang on a tree stand more secured.

Now, most of the tree stand come with a shackle, but those shackles are very thin and easy to cut open, so make sure to bring a thick chain with you. If you wrap around the chain with your tree stand, it would dramatically diminish the chance of being stolen.

In the next step, you can take set up a surveillance camera. Make sure to set it up in a place that wouldn’t catch attention. Setup in a place where the tree stand can be perfectly seen so if someone stoles your tree stand, you can figure out who did it.

Follow these two steps and will significantly diminish the chances of your tree stand getting stolen. Even if it gets stolen, you can figure out who did it. Like we said the hunting community not that big, so it would be possible to track down the thief.

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