How High Should A Trail Camera Be Off The Ground

How High Should A Trail Camera Be Off The Ground

Trail camera placement is vital and one of the crucial parts of getting good images and videos. The placement height of the trail camera can’t be too high and also not too low.

But why should we position the camera so high up? Is there any reason for this? Let’s go over why trail cameras should be placed high up, what the benefits are, and how high they should be.

Trail Camera Theft

Trail camera theft is not uncommon. The news of trail camera theft is happening regularly. It’s because people don’t place them in a higher place, or they don’t hide in a bush.

An easy trail camera will be everyone’s target. So it’s preferable if you can place it on a higher level or hide it behind a bush.

Putting it above 9 to 12 feet above ground reduces the likelihood of trail camera theft by a large margin.


When hunting, you should position it in such a way that it covers the most ground possible. What we mean is that you don’t need to see the animal’s face; you just need to know when it will arrive.

Place it high up, out of people’s reach, and in a position where the most area can be covered.

How High Should A Trail Camera Be Off The Ground

There isn’t such a thing as a standard height. It depends on your target; if you know what you’re looking for, positioning the camera about the same height as the prey’s chest will suffice; however, what if you’re recording at random?

If you have the same thoughts, simply place a camera 3 to 2 feet above the ground; this is enough height to capture the majority of the animals.

Set it up about 4 feet above the ground if you’re using it for security.

If you want to avoid theft, position it 9 to 12 feet higher, and point it downwards.

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