Halo Xl450 Rangefinder Review

Halo Xl450 Rangefinder Review

Finding a laser rangefinder under 100 dollars and provides excellent value can be difficult. This laser rangefinder comes with many features that make it usable for hunters and also golfers. Few things that need to look for, but it’s an excellent laser rangefinder to keep in the collection with the price that it is being sold.

In this halo xl450 rangefinder review, we will try to reveal everything about this laser rangefinder.

Halo Xl450 Rangefinder Review

Halo Xl450 Rangefinder Review


  • Yard Range: 450 yards
  • Usability: Single Button
  •  Magnification: 6X24 mm objective lens
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Slope: Angle compensation
  • Water-resistant: Yes


This xl450 ranges up to 450 yards with a magnification of 6x. Accuracy: +/- 1 yard and can be range in both meters and yards. This halo rangefinder can easily range up to 300 yards accurately and can range 450 yards if the target is reflective.


This xl450 comes with an LCD. Like other laser rangefinders with LCD, this rangefinder also faces slight difficulty to accurately range in the dark.


Halo xl450 rangefinder comes with Ai technology. This Ai technology helps it to assess the target distance accurately. With this Ai technology, it can correctly compensate the angle distance.


This laser rangefinder includes a high voltage CR2 battery and can power it for weeks. It also has a low battery indicator.

Angle compensation

Halo xl450 rangefinder comes with an angled slope, making it easier to get the correct range from angle points.

Water Proof

This laser rangefinder is not waterproof but water-resistant and has resistance to dust; like other water-resistant products, it would be okay as long as you don’t directly dip it into the water.

continuous scan mode

With continuous scan mode, it can scan distant prey accurately. Even if it’s a moving target, it can give an accurate reading.


  • Range up to 450 yards
  • Ai technology
  • 6x magnification
  • Rubber coating
  • fast laser


  • Not fully accurate

Wrapping up

As we think for the price you are paying, you are getting a reasonably good laser rangefinder. If you need to use a laser rangefinder primarily for finding or a clear view of your prey, you can buy xl450.

For bow hunters or hunters who use a tree stand for hunting, this is a great advantage. The xl450 has angle compensation that can correctly range even from an angle distance

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