Best Hunting Knife Sharpeners

Best Hunting Knife Sharpeners Of 2021

With a dull knife, you can only do so much, and hunting is no exception. To speed up your works, you need a sharp knife. Even if you bring a sharp knife, With repeated usage, the sharp edges will become dull.

A dull knife means a lot of hassle, so every hunter should bring a knife sharpener kit with them. If the knife edges get dull, you will have the option to sharpen them using your knife sharpener.

It’s hard to choose which knife sharpener that is good for hunting. So, we have made it easier. We’ve made a list of the best hunting knife sharpeners that you can take with you on your hunting trips.

Follow our article and know which hunting knife sharpening kits are best for hunting and you.

Top 10 Best Hunting Knife Sharpeners

  1. Smith’s Abrasives PP1 hunting knife sharpeners
  2. Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Pocket hunting Knife Sharpeners
  3. AccuSharp Knife sharpener
  4. Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener
  5. Lansky PS-MED01 Blade Medic
  6. Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker with Safety Rods
  7. Mueller Original Premium Knife Sharpener
  8. Kershaw Ultra-Tek Blade Sharpener
  9. Lansky Sharpening Tool Universal 4 knife sharpening system
  10. Smith’s – S-50364 50364 Pocket Pal knife sharpening system

1. Smith’s Abrasives PP1 Hunting Knife Sharpeners

Smith's Abrasives PP1 hunting knife sharpeners

When hunting, you want to keep it as simple as possible, and it would be pretty amazing if you can get a knife sharpener that has all the things you need to sharpen a knife.

Smith’s PP1 is one of the best hunting knife sharpeners we got in our collection. It has a diamond sharpener that can sharpen standard knife edges and restoring dull edges. 

If your knife gets damaged or the edge gets dull, you can restore its razor sharp edge using specifically shaped ceramics stones that come with it.

It also has a lanyard hole for easy carrying; instead of bringing everything separately, it’s best to get a knife sharpening system that has all included.

If you are thinking of buying a hunting knife, we recommend purchasing this hunting knife sharpener.

2. Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Knife Sharpener

Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Pocket hunting Knife Sharpeners

Sharpal 101Nis the most versatile knife sharpening tool on our list. It can be used for hunting, hiking, and outdoor survival, as well as for a chef’s knife.

This hunting knife sharpener comes with everything you need in one package: a diamond rod, a ceramic slot, a carbide slot, and an emergency whistle. 

This knife fits perfectly in the pocket and is easier to carry around thanks to the lanyard hole.

Diamond sharpeners can be used to repair serrated edges, and the carbide v notch is excellent for creating new edges. Finally, the ceramic notch can be used to give it a razor sharp edge. 

It also has a high-pitched whistle that can be used in an emergency, as well as a soft rubber-coated design that makes it easier to hold.

3. AccuSharp Knife sharpener

AccuSharp Knife sharpener

Accu sharp is the easiest way to sharpen your knife. It only takes ten strokes to restore sharp edges.

This sharpener’s sharpening blades are made of diamond-honed tungsten so that they will last a long time.

The company claims that it can also sharpen serrated knives, but diamond plates are preferable for sharpening serrated knives. However, you can use it to sharpen axes, hunting knives, and scissors.

It’s easy to hold and can be used by both left-handed & right-handed. This sharpener also includes a full-length finger guard to keep your fingers safe while sharpening.

You can also use this knife sharpener to repair broken edges or straighten them.

You can choose this best outdoor knife sharpener if you want something less annoying and easier for your overall outdoor activities.

4. Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

If you’re a hunter, you’ll need a complete field sharpening station, which Work Sharp provides. It has a 5-stage knife sharpening system that will take care of all of your hunting knives.

This knife sharpener has a lot of features. It has diamond plates, diamond rods, and a leather strop for sharpening your knife and giving it a smooth finish.

It has two types of diamond plates and ceramic rods that work together to restore the knife’s sharp edges.

It’s even better if you use serrated knives because it has two types of diamond rods to sharpen the serrated edges.

The design is also portable, fitting easily into a pocket. It isn’t easy to find an American-made knife sharpener with this many features at this price.

5. Lansky PS-MED01 Hunting Blade Medic

Lansky PS-MED01 Blade Medic

Lansky is yet another all-in-one sharpening solution. It has a sharpening system with four steps and diamond abrasives that completely restores the blade angels.

It has a ceramic V notch to smooth out the angles and a carbide notch to help sharpen the knife blades. Not only that, you can also sharpen the serrated edge using the diamond rod. With two types of serrated sharpeners, you can sharpen even the smallest serrations.

The V notch is deep enough to sharpen an axe, kitchen knives, fish hooks, and steak knives. This is a features-packed knife sharpener that only a few sharpeners can compete with.

This sharpener’s design is as good as it gets. It is designed to be held comfortably, and its small size makes it easy to carry around.

If you’re thinking of going on a long hunting trip, this sharpener will be an excellent companion.

6. Spyderco Tri Angle Sharpmaker With Safety Rods

Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker with Safety Rods

The Spyderco triangle sharpmaker differs from the top five results of our best hunting knife sharpeners review. The design is very innovative, and it sharpens the knife with sharpening stones.

This knife sharpener includes four grit stones: two medium grit stones and two fine grit stones.

You can sharpen anything with these grit stones, such as an axe, kitchen knives, swords, pocket knives, darts, hooks, and so on.

Although most blades can be sharpened, it is a little challenging to use.

The grit stones can be placed in keyed holes on the Spyderco. You can set the stones at 30- or 40-degree angles, whichever is more convenient for you. 

Because of the design of this knife sharpener, there is a high risk of the knife hitting your hand if you speed up the process, so they have included two safety rods to prevent the blade from hitting your hand.

7. Mueller Original Premium

Mueller Original Premium Knife Sharpener

Mueller has a four-stage sharpening system. You can reform the sharpness, shape the blades, polish them, and sharpen the edges with this sharpening system, which works better than stones. 

It’s simple to use and has a lower risk of injuring your hands while sharpening. It’s rubber-coated to make it easier to hold. 

The dimensions are small enough to fit into any of your pockets. Sharpening can be done on almost any tool, including knives, axes, and even scissors. 

Though it’s in the seventh position, it’s not a good choice for hunting knives. Most of the hunting knives are serrated knives, but this knife sharpener isn’t that good for serrated blades.

8. Kershaw Ultra-Tek Blade Sharpener

Kershaw Ultra-Tek Blade Sharpener

Kershaw doesn’t have a lot of features for sharpening your knife. It only has a diamond-coated oval shaft with a 600 grit diamond coating. 

This blade sharpener can be used to sharpen the majority of the tools on the market. Polish the edges a few times with this sharpener to restore the sharpness. 

This sharpener is easy to hold, and you don’t have to apply any water and oil while sharpening.

The design is portable, but it can’t be carried without a long pocket, but even so, it doesn’t cause any hindrance.

You can use this knife sharpener if you have regular plain hunting knives.

9. Lansky Sharpening Tool Universal 4 knife

Lansky Sharpening Tool Universal 4 knife sharpening system

Lansky is one of the features packed knife sharpener. It has multiple sharpening tools for keeping all kinds of knives sharp.

This knife sharpener comes with four different honing rods that can sharpen serrated, plain, and scalloped edges. 

This sharpening kit is a little large, making it difficult to transport and taking up more space than standard sharpeners, but the contents are well-organized.

With different shapes of honing rods, it can sharpen any kind of knives like chef knives, hunting and fishing knives, swords, and other things that need to be sharpened.

This knife sharpener also includes honing oil, which significantly speeds up the honing process. 

The most fantastic feature is that it comes with a one-year warranty provided by the manufacturer; We know it’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.

10. Smith’s – S-50364 50364 Pocket Pal knife

Smith's - S-50364 50364 Pocket Pal knife sharpening system

Smith – S-50364 50364 is a multi-purpose knife sharpener. It would have been the best electric knife sharpener for hunting knives if it had an auto electric honing system.

This knife sharpener has v notch to fix the dull blade and has a diamond tapered rod to hone serrated and knife edges.

It’s got a fire lighter that hard to imagine in a knife sharpener, and that’s not all; it also has a whistle for emergence cases.

Lost your way? Check out your knife sharpener; It has a compass for navigation and a torch for illumination in the dark.

The battery is included with the sharpener and does not need to be purchased separately. Smith – S-50364 50364 is a good option if you want something to help you in various situations.

Things You Should Know: Buyer’s Guide

Sharpening can be difficult if you buy the wrong hunting knife sharpener. While hunting, you’ll not always get the perfect place to sit and sharp your knife.

So, you need to select a knife that uses up little space and can sharpen knives quickly.

In our collection of the best hunting knife sharpener review, we have already mentioned the knives good for hunting.

Now we’ll elaborate more about what to choose when buying knives for hunting.


Sharpeners are currently available in three varieties: electronic, manual, and stone.

When purchasing a knife sharpener kit, consider the type of knife you will be using.

If you use a small or medium-sized knife, a regular or small-sized knife sharpener will suffice.

If you use a big and thick knife, you have to choose the size accordingly. Now, most of the sharpeners on our list can be used for both small and big blades, so you should select from our list to be on the safe side.


When purchasing a knife sharpener kit, consider the type of knife you will be using.

If you use a small or medium-sized knife, a regular or small-sized knife sharpener will suffice.

If you use a big and thick knife, you have to choose the size accordingly. Now, most of the sharpeners on our list can be used for both small and big blades, so you should select from our list to be on the safe side.


Choose a knife sharpener that can sharpen various angles. This means it should have a variety of features that can be applied to multiple blades.

Every blade has angles and thicknesses that are different from other knives, so it’s better to choose a sharpener that can be used to sharpen different types of angles.

The sharpeners that can sharpen different knives other than hunting knives are many.

Just keep an eye out for knives with diamond tapered rods and multiple sharpening blades, as these sharpeners can sharpen all types of blades.

Hoining Oil

Honing oil is recommended when you are sharpening using stones and manual sharpeners. Many people use water stones to hone the knife, but oil is better.

It accelerates the honing process and dissipates heat generated by friction. It also helps to keep the stone clean.

When using oil, do not use just any oil; instead, use water-based oil, kerosene, or even olive oil.


Before purchasing knife sharpeners, consider the type of blade you want and the size.

As previously stated, not all knives can be sharpened with the same sharpeners.

So, you should select the knife you’re going to use and choose the knife sharpener accordingly.

Manual or Electric

Both of them are exceptional, But which one would be the best choice for hunting?

Electric sharpeners are simple to use and require little to no skill to operate. There are a set of instructions and angle guides that can be used to sharpen blade angles.

Even though electric sharpeners have many features, they are not suitable for hunting. It takes up a lot more space, requires a battery, and cannot be used anywhere.

Sharpening using manual sharpeners requires skills. There is no preset angle guide, so you have to choose what notch to use and how much pressure to apply.

When sharpening a knife, please don’t use too much pressure., or it may get damaged.

Manual sharpeners are excellent for hunting. Because most manual sharpeners are lightweight and portable, most hunters prefer to carry manual sharpeners with them.

Knife sharpening tips

It’s essential to keep your knife in top shape at all times, and you’ll need the right tools to do so.

First, you need to know what blades you are using and buy a knife sharpener according to that.

Place the knife sharpener in a stable and comfortable position for you; this will aid in sharpening.

Keep the sharpening blades clean. Cleaning the sharpening blades will remove all the unnecessary things that may hinder the honing process.

When using a sharpener, make sure you don’t press the knife too hard, or it may cause damage.

Lightly push the knife and move it back and forth 10 to 15 times until it gets razor sharp edge.

Please keep it in motion, don’t stop in the middle of honing. To get a better result, you need to keep it in motion.


Here we have answered all your questions.

Is an electric knife sharpener good for hunting knives?

They are suitable for hunting knives as they have features that can sharpen the blade automatically. But because it takes a lot of space, many hunters prefer taking manual sharpeners (Electric knife sharpeners are expensive).

SO, if you are okay with a little more weight, you can go for electric knife sharpeners.

What type of knife sharpeners do chefs use?

Most of the chefs out there use steel rods and electric knife sharpeners. They use an electric sharpener for full honing, and for simple sharpening, they use steel rods.

What angle should you sharpen your hunting knives?

For hunting knives, 22 to 30 degrees is okay, but if you ask for kitchen knives, then 15 to 20 degrees will suffice.

Is it necessary to clean after sharpening?

It is not required, but it is a good habit to maintain. When you sharpen your knife blade, the metal in the edge of the blade gets off, and by cleaning, you can remove those metal particles.

Are hunting knives legal?

This term depends on the land you are staying at. Like something legal in America is illegal in Australia or Canada. SO, the thing about being illicit or legal depends on the place you are staying at.

How much pressure do I need to put when sharpening?

Approx 4 to 6 pounds pressure will do for a regular dull knife. But if the edge is exorbitantly dull, then you can increase it to 8 pounds. Remember, don’t put too much pressure.

Can I use a brick to sharpen my knife? 

Technically yes, Bricks have properties of ceramics, so they can be used to sharpen knives. It will help if you wet the brick; it will make the process faster and give optimum results.

Though the bricks can be used, but will not work as well as whetstones or other knife sharpeners.

What kind of rocks is suitable for sharpening knives?

Wet rocks work great for sharpening knives. Rocks that were under the river for a long time have grains on their surface, and these grains can help to sharpen the blade edge.

Sand rocks can also be used to sharpen knives as they have sand grains on their surface which works like an innate sharpener.

Is the Wusthof knife better for hunting?

No, Wusthof knives are mainly made for the kitchen. You can use them for hunting but would not be as effective as hunting knives.
Read how to sharpen a Wusthof knife.

Final Verdict

Keep your hunting knives sharp and clean at all times. Follow our guide to find the best hunting knife sharpeners for your hunting knives.

Knife sharpening is a good practice that significantly improves the performance of your knife.

We hope you found our article to be informative and helpful in your search for a new hunting knife sharpener.

Good luck with your hunt.

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